Pizzas4Patriots-FBphoto-soldiers enjoy pizza and beer in Afghanistan

Pizzas 4 Patriots teamed up with international shipping provider, DHL Express, to hand off piping hot pizzas to troops serving abroad. 5,000 pizzas touched down in Afghanistan just in time for Super Bowl Sunday so that soldiers can enjoy a taste of home while watching the NFL championship game.

For the seventh year in a row, DHL Express is donating its resources to the non-profit effort, sending enough pizza to feed every U.S. soldier stationed in Afghanistan. The 5000 pizzas, with all natural ingredients and no preservatives, were provided this year by Rich Products Corporation, of Buffalo, New York.

“Having served overseas, I personally know that having a taste of home on Super Bowl Sunday is a powerful experience for troops stationed abroad,” said Retired Master Sergeant Mark Evans, the founder of Pizzas 4 Patriots, who regularly enjoys deep dish pizza in his Chicago hometown.

DHL Express employees loaded the perishable pizzas onto direct U.S. flights to the Middle East, re-icing the pies along the route. The pizzas were distributed from Bagram Airbase to the Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan. DHL Express provides the final, door-to-door delivery of the pies, working closely with the U.S. military to ensure the pizzas are delivered fresh and ready to eat.

Over the last seven years, Pizzas 4 Patriots and DHL has sent nearly 150,000 pizzas to military personnel serving in Afghanistan. Donate to the effort below.

They told Good News Network that their next big shipment will be for the Fourth of July holiday. “At that time we will be shipping pizzas to the troops in the Middle East and delivering pizza parties to veterans across the United States. This past Veterans Day we delivered to 65 Veterans hospitals across the country.”

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from ABC-7 Chicago)


Photo via Pizza4Patriots on Facebook / Story tip from Mike McGinley

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