"Protecting marine areas for even relatively brief periods can significantly restore depleted fish stocks, scientists said on Monday. Researchers found that after an area off the coast was closed to fishermen for seven months, the number of octopus caught later rose 13 times. This study shows marine protected areas not only serve as a powerful conservation tool helping species thrive, but can also be a powerful economic tool helping fisheries remain productive and profitable." (Reuters via ENN)


  1. That’s no fish story!
    Just a quick footnote – the cod moratorium hasn’t restored the fish stocks off of Newfoundland because it’s violated by draggers and factory ships from multiple countries. A ban is only effective if it’s enforced. Nations will need to learn to cooperate on law enforcement on the seas, or the last of the fish will be up for grabs” to whichever opportunists want to glean the skyrocketing prices of species on the brink of extinction.”

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