Hero Sergeant Aaron Thompson was reunited with a boy he saved from certain death after punching through a frozen pond on Christmas day.

The 8-year-old from New Harmony, Utah had been chasing his dog when he fell through the ice. The officer furiously worked to force a hole in the ice, punching and jumping, until he broke through, dove in to find the boy, and pulled him out.

The youngster has no recollection of the rescue but officials at the Washington County Sheriffs Office reported on Facebook that the two were reunited at the scene last week. They posted this photo saying, “both were excited to formally meet each other for the first time following the incident.”

Jason’s family also again expressed their gratitude to the dispatcher, the local EMS staff, Lifeflight crew, and hospital that were an integral part of Jason’s recovery.

As a token to remember the day which brought them together, Sergeant Thompson gave Jason the Sheriff’s badge he shed prior to jumping into the icy water to save him.

“Although it cannot been seen in the photo, Jason is proudly wearing the badge on his chest as the two gazed upon the location where they met one week earlier.”

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