For years, this group of old-timers had been meeting at their local coffee shop in order to chat, joke, and discuss the world’s problems.

Amused by their own banter, the elderly pranksters decided to open a booth at the farmer’s market in Salt Lake City, Utah so they could share their wisdom with the world.

The gang then set up a table with a sign reading “Old Coots Giving Advice: It’s probably bad advice, but it’s free.”

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To their surprise, a line of people quickly formed in front of their table, eager for advice and conversation.

The Old Coots have now been setting up shop at the farmer’s market every summer Saturday for the last several years—and it seems that they won’t be running out of advice any time soon.

(WATCH the news coverage below or our international viewers can check out the footage on the CBS website) – Photo by CBS News

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