Taylor Hale Brain Injury Screenshot Today Show

Doctors had once counted her out, but next week, this teen will be walking alongside her graduating classmates to get her high school diploma.

Four years ago, 17-year-old Taylor Hale accidentally slid off a car hood and hit her head, hard, against the pavement.

Declaring her brain dead, doctors told her family she would certainly never wake up, claims her mother, Stacy Henningsen.Jennifer-Bricker-shoreline-handstand-FB

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But then something miraculous happened. Hours after the doctors began taking her off medications and life support, Henningsen said her daughter began breathing on her own. Her mother still reminisces about the incredible moment.

“I think about it quite often,” Hennsingsen told NBC News. “It’s definitely a miracle.”

Despite doctors’ uncertainty about Hale regaining her ability to walk, eat, and move, she persevered. Not only is she graduating on time, but also headed to college. She plans to become an event planner.

(WATCH video below or READ more at NBC News)

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  1. The physicians should have been declared “brain dead”. Clearly, there was brain activity, since the child lived. Clearly, the attending physicians did not notice, or did not even bother to check. They need a refresher course in neurology.

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