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Art Teacher Cheers Up Stressed-Out Students By Hosting ‘Bob Ross Flash Mob’ With Wigs and Paints

As a means of rewarding her students for their hard work, this teacher facilitated a “Flash Bob” for all 48 of her art students.

This University is Recycling Their Bubble Wrap By Offering It Up to Their Stressed Out Students

Instead of throwing their bubble wrap into the garbage, this university is recycling the packaging by using it as anti-stress therapy for their students.

By Easing Anxiety for Lower-Income Students With 10-Minute Writing Exercise, Test Grades Soar Dramatically

A simple 10-minute writing exercise to reduce anxiety has been shown to reduce test failure rates by over half.

Bus Driver Saves Money From Every Paycheck to Buy Christmas Presents for All 70 of His Students

This compassionate elementary school bus driver made sure that every single one of his young students got what they wanted for Christmas.

$150 Million in Debt to Be Forgiven for US Students Left Jilted by Shady Schools

Over 15,000 students have been left high and dry by shady for-profit schools since 2013 – but now, the Department of Education is canceling their debt.

Retiree Has Driven Over 64,000 Miles to Ensure Low-Income Students Can Get to Class

Regardless of the weather, the driving conditions, or the distance, you can bet that New York native Paul Goetchius will make sure low-income students...

When Icy Roads Delay School Day, Bus Driver Buys 50 Breakfast Meals for His Students

This compassionate bus driver was not about to let his students go through their school day without breakfast – so he made one more quick stop on his route.

In Largest Ever Donation to US College, $1.8 Billion is Donated for Low-Income Students

The financial contribution will ensure that – starting in 2019 – Johns Hopkins will “permanently” be a loan-free institution.

When Teacher Asks Students to Share Supplies, Boy Offers Up Pencils With Sweet, Personal Messages

Adults are always learning from the kindness of kids – and this teacher's Facebook post about one of her students is no exception.

Soccer Star Helps to Launch ‘World’s Largest Inclusive School’ for Disabled Children to Be Students and Teachers

The Brazilian athlete hopes that the ‘school’ will raise awareness about the lack of educational opportunities made available to special needs kids.

Devoted Lunch Lady Encourages Students by Writing Sweet Messages on Fruit

As a means of encouraging her students, this lunch lady has started turning lunchtime fruit into makeshift fortune cookies. Stacey Truman, the cafeteria manager at...

Students Spend 200 Hours Making Halloween Costume For Girl With Rare Mutation #TBT

These students are making sure that everyone can enjoy a little Halloween magic – no matter their disabilities. 16-year-old Alex Hayes has trouble dressing up...

Father-Daughter Duo Donates $44 Million Ranch for University Veterinary Students

The “unprecedented” gift will ensure that students will have an invaluable resource for learning about animal medicine and sustainable farming.

UPDATE: Janitor Who Was Surprised by His Students Finally Gets to Feel Like a ‘Trillionaire’ On His Vacation

Students love this janitor so much, they all banded together to send him on vacation – and now, they finally get to see the fruits of their labor.

Students Ditch Electing Homecoming Queen and Give an ‘Excellence Award’ Instead

Chelsea High School is ditching the traditional title in favor of an award that places value on traits more important than social status.

94-Year-old Veteran Has Spent a Decade Cheering on Students With Life Advice and Fist Bumps

Every day for the last ten years, Wally Richardson has stood outside of a local middle school so he can cheer up the youngsters with wisdom and fist bumps.

First Country in the World to Give Free Sanitary Products to All Students

The initiative will ensure that no Scottish student will have to forgo their hygienic needs based on income or social situation.

Top School of Medicine is Now Paying Tuition for All of Its Med Students

The NYU School of Medicine just announced that it is offering full-tuition scholarships to all current and future students in its MD degree program...

Students Develop One-Passenger Vehicle That Runs On Air

A team of Egyptian college students has designed a vehicle that is powered solely on oxygen. The current prototype can transport 1-person at speeds of...

When Strangers on a Plane Hear Teacher Talk About Her Students, Everyone Opens Their Wallets

LISTEN to this story here, as told by The Good News Guru, from Friday’s radio broadcast with Ellen K and the GNN founder, on KOST-103.5 — Or, READ the story...