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Teacher Sets Up Snack Shop in School Hallway to Boost Performance of Anxious Students

This teacher wanted to make sure that his students would ace their 3-hour AP English exam – so he grabbed some goodies and set up shop in the hallway.

Police Praise Creative Students for ‘Best Senior Prank’ They’ve Ever Seen

The prank even garnered praise from the school district. Not only that, but it included an important public safety message as well.

Teacher’s Reaction to Students Surprising Him With ‘Dream Shoes’ is the Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today

Joe Lara had been talking about these sneakers for 10 years – so when his students found out he was retiring, they all chipped in to buy him the special kicks.

Howard Grad Helps Unknowing Students Secure $35 Million in Funding, Reducing Their College Debt

Since its inception in 2006, Jessica Johnson’s nonprofit has helped students secure more than $35 million in private funding sources, reducing their debt by $14,000 each.

World-Famous Magician is Asking Students to Make ‘Magic’ Using Science—They’ll Earn a Magical Reward

After solidifying his stature as one of the world's most talented magicians, Jason Latimer is now dedicating his time to using magic to motivate...

College Students Rush into Burning Building to Save 90-Year-old Man

Despite saving the life of a senior who had been asleep on the second floor of a burning building, these six college students were hesitant about coming forward to take credit for the rescue.

Students Worried About Parked Police Car at School Until They Saw What He was Doing

While students and parents discussed their concern over the police car that was parked outside of school two weeks ago, their worries soon melted...

County Deputies Greet Returning Students With Handshakes, Hugs, and High Fives to Show Support

In light of the recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida, these officers wanted to show their support to their own local high schoolers.

Watch Bus Driver’s “Ecstatic” Reaction to Students Surprising Him With Super Bowl Tickets

Gary Kelmer could not contain himself when he dropped off his last passenger and found out that he would be seeing his favorite football team compete at the Super Bowl.

Watch Students Run Cheering Down the Hall When Power Comes Back on in Puerto Rican School

After 112 days without power, the powerful reaction of these Puerto Rican students finally getting electricity back in their building is contagious.

Watch Duck Waddle Excitedly When Students Make Him a New Leg

This duck isn't a pirate, but he was still in desperate need of a “Peg Leg” before a few eighth graders helped him out.

Crossing Guard Sets Up Free Coat Rack For Her Middle School Students

Minnie Galloway wanted to make sure that none of the students at her middle school would have to be cold during the chilly winter months.

When Teacher Can’t Afford Holiday Gifts for Sick Son, Students Leave Surprise on His Desk

Nathan Neidigk returned to his classroom earlier this week to find a Christmas miracle waiting for him on his desk – and it was...

MIT Students Design and Donate Special Sleeping Bags to Syrian Refugees

"It's a simple solution to a big problem." Rebecca Linke | MIT News Winter in Syria can be cold. Freezing cold. With over 11 million people displaced...

Students of Acid Attack Forgive Their Assailant: “Mental illness is not a choice”

These girls may have been the victim of a crime, but they are insisting on showing kindness to their attacker, rather than bitterness. Four Boston...

Man Gives $25Mil to Ease Debt for Students of Social Work: ‘They’re Heroes’

Steve Hicks, a telecommunications pioneer and University of Texas Regent, has donated what might be the largest ever gift in higher education toward the...

Man Gives Up Six-Figure Salary to Teach at Poor School, Then 95% of His Students Go to Top Colleges

This school teacher used to be a high-powered lawyer with a six figure salary – but he gave it all up so he could...

Prisoners Change Their Lives, Becoming Expert Braille Transcribers for Blind Students

Just because these inmates are behind bars doesn't mean that they can't make a positive difference in the world, or do something so meaningful...

Watch Students Thank Their Professor By Surprising Him With His Own Muppet

These students' end-of-the-year thank you gift to their college professor sure beats being given an apple on a desk.

60 Schools Are Installing Washers and Dryers For Homeless and Troubled Students

Students are more likely to excel if they have access to clean clothes – which is why this company is helping schools install washers and dryers for free.