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House Votes to End Jail Time for Those Too Poor to Pay Fines in Texas

Texas legislators in the House have just voted in favor of allowing poorer residents to pay off traffic tickets in methods other than money. Low-income Texans are...

Shimmering Leaves in Paris are Actually Tiny Wind Turbines

These metal trees popping up around Paris may be small – but they're powerful examples of functioning urban sustainability.

Tiny Girl Hosts Tea Party for the Cop Who Saved Her Life (PHOTOS)

This tea-riffic police officer wasn't just attending this adorable party to get free Oreos – it was a celebration of the day he saved one...

Frat House Writes Name of 12-yo Girl w/ Cancer in Christmas Lights –Watch

A 12-year-old cancer patient has become the sweetheart of a California fraternity. Lexi Brown posted a sign in her hospital room window asking for a...
tiny home-NBC-15vid

Homeless Couple Given Tiny Home On Christmas Eve

For many couples, living together in a 96-square-foot house would be a challenge. But for Chris Derrick and Betty Ybarra, it’s a Christmas miracle....
lottery winners Mark and Cindy Hill

Huge Lottery Winners Buy Sewage Treatment Plant and New Firehouse for Town

We don't usually hear about big lottery winners after they've gone home with their check, but a Missouri couple who won a staggering $136...
Farming home in suburbia -ABC video snapshot

Tiny Family Farm Thrives on 1/5 Acre in Heart of Suburban Neighborhood

In the Los Angeles community of Pasadena -- a suburban mix of nice restaurants and well-tended front lawns -- there is a home wedged...

Full-Size House Being Built From Lego Blocks

BBC host James May is building the world's first house made entirely from Lego blocks. So far, the project has used more than...

Scotland’s First Eco-Village for the Homeless Will Offer Education Too

The first tiny house village of its kind opening in Edinburgh will not only provide valuable housing to the homeless, but educational resources as well.

There Are Now 75,000 Little Free Libraries Around the World – and Here’s Why You Should Add More

Over 75,000 Little Free Libraries have been placed in 88 different countries around the world – and you can help to add more.

Café That Hires and Feeds the Homeless Has Just Built a Village for Their Rough Sleeping Employees

Social Bite has been lifting up Scotland's homeless for the last six years – and this eco-friendly village is just their latest achievement in their quest to end homelessness altogether.

When a WWII Veteran Couldn’t Walk to His Wife’s Grave, Two Men Carried Him There

96-year-old George Boone was resigned to paying his respects from the car – but these two men refused to let that happen, even if it meant carrying him every step of the way.

When She Saw People Sleeping on the Dirt, She Delivered a Healthier Alternative

Thousands of people contract dangerous diseases from sleeping on dirt floors every night – which is why this Stanford student wanted to find a solution.

Seattle to Vacate and Dismiss Old Marijuana Charges Following California’s Lead

Because the city has already legalized marijuana possession, the mayor is now working to erase misdemeanor charges for thousands of state residents who received convictions before the ruling.

Guy Transforms Man He Thought Was Online Scammer into Village Saint by Sending Him $30 Camera

We're all familiar with the messages used by internet scammers to get money from unsuspecting people thousands of miles away. So, when Ben Taylor...

For 95-Year-old Who Loves to Walk, Neighbors Along the Mile Set Out Chairs Just For Him

Neighbors help each other out in a number of ways – but this entire community has come together for their 95-year-old neighbor Harvey Djerf. Djerf,...

Homeless Hero Tackles Carjacker Who Was Impersonating an Officer

Thanks to his quick-thinking, a homeless man is being lauded as a hero after he saved police from having to pursue an alleged carjacker...

Gas Station Owner With Heart for the Homeless Keeps Doors Open for Them 24/7

While this may look like an ordinary gas station on the outside, something extraordinary happens on the inside. The gas station's owner opens the doors...

Detroit Just Hired 8,000 Youths for Summer Jobs

Over 8,000 Detroit youths will be receiving paychecks this summer for their work with the city. Mayor Mike Duggan, who announced the achievement earlier this...

Microsoft Co-founder Pledges $30M Towards Housing For Seattle’s Homeless

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has just changed the lives of hundreds of people by pledging $30 million to permanent housing for the homeless of Seattle. The...