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This Church Vowed to Bring Dignity to Homeless Folks by Building Tiny House Village Next Door

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church plans on opening a tiny house village next to their facilities so homeless locals can get inside and off the streets.

Veteran With PTSD is Creating Free Tiny House Community for Others Like Him

This Air Force veteran was taught that he should never leave a man behind – and that is exactly the creed behind his new...

City of Atlanta Legalizes Tiny Houses

Tiny houses are now free to be erected within the city of Atlanta. As a means of addressing affordable housing issues, the Atlanta City Council...

Women Break Stereotypes By Building Their Own Tiny Houses

These women are breaking the glass ceiling by building a ceiling of their own. Women Who Build: Artists Who Own is an ongoing project focused...

First Detroit Tiny House Village Lets Tenants Rent, Then Own, These Fabulous Homes

This Detroit nonprofit has set up stipulated leasing contracts for its homeless tenants so they can pay affordable rent for ownership of the house.

Tiny House Built by Homeless Offered as Model for Ending Homelessness

A tiny house, built from scrap and donated lumber by volunteers and homeless people, could be a model for ending homelessness in South Carolina. A...

Cool Tiny House Village Opens With Electricity to Care for Seattle Homeless

A little village of tiny houses for the homeless is taking shape on a plot of land owned by a Lutheran church in Seattle,...

Christmas Miracle Delivers Goal of Tiny House for Homeless Mom and 4-yo

The Christmas charity campaign supported by Good News Network reported some very good news this morning—a last minute donation that organizer Brice Royer called...

Help Us Build Solar Tiny House for Homeless Mom and 4-yo Girl

A homeless mom who is always volunteering her time to help others is about to move out of a public shelter and into the...

Calling All Volunteers: Elvis is Hosting a “Tiny House-Building” Event in L.A.

Two months ago, Good News Network broke the story about Elvis Summers building a tiny home on wheels for a woman named Smokie who...

Man Builds Tiny House for Homeless Woman Sleeping in the Dirt (WATCH)

A 60-year-old homeless woman named Smokie has been sleeping outside in the dirt a few doors down from a man named Elvis Summers. Most mornings,...

Teen Builds Excellent Tiny House, Donates to Homeless

After an arduous three-and-a-half-years building it in her California backyard, Kendall Ronzano is donating the excellent “tiny home” she started at age 16. Last week,...

Town Builds Tiny House for a Homeless Outcast

Because of his nasty demeanor on the streets of a South Carolina town, homeless man Ben Richardson, known as Rock Man, didn't have any...
Tiny house on wheels

Teen Builder of ‘Tiny House’ Finishes Dorm on Wheels

Teenager Austin Hay completed construction on a tiny house with wheels that he had begun during his sophomore year of high school. The home includes...
basketball college FGCU player

Tiny Gulf Coast School Beats Powerhouse Georgetown in a Cinderella Story to Top All Others

Harvard pulled off a huge upset to begin the college basketball "March Madness" last week, but all eyes have turned southward to a little...

With Anonymous Good Deeds Reigning Supreme in Tiny Town, It May Be the ‘Nicest Place’ in US

This quiet little blue-collar neighborhood has had a secret track record for anonymous good deeds – and almost every neighbor has participated.

Photographer Builds Adorable Tiny Log Cabins in His Backyard to Keep Mouse Families Safe From Cats

When the cat is away, the mice will play inside of their tiny little log cabin village courtesy of a crafty wildlife photographer.

Hear How Man Gave Up High-Paying Job, His Car and House, to Work With Homeless Teens–And He Couldn’t Be Happier

Man quit his job, gave his car away, and let go of his snazzy apartment—all to work with homeless teen boys—and years later, he couldn't be happier.

Rooftop Panels of Tiny Plants Can Cleanse Polluted Air at 100 Times the Rate of a Single Tree

In a “world first,” scientists are installing panels of microplants to clean up London air pollution with stunning efficiency.

Peep in On This Woman’s Livestream of a Nesting Bird Box She Designed to Look Like a Tiny Living Room

As a means of getting people more interested in local wildlife, this designer has been livestreaming a bird as it nests in a tiny living room box.