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Simple Solution Provides the Homeless With Housing and Jobs in One Fell Swoop

Tackling homelessness may seem like an uphill battle, but this man has come up with a stunningly simple solution for giving jobs and homes...

Dad Confronts Bully by Treating Him Like a Son – Now the Homeless Boy Has Money and Friendship

Instead of being angry at his son's bully, this man approached the boy with compassion – and now, they are all enjoying the wonderful results.

Five Tips On How You Can Help the Homeless This Winter

There are plenty of challenges and obstacles that homeless people must overcome to survive – and it becomes even harder during the upcoming winter months.

Cops Find Stolen Krispy Kreme Van And Give Away the Cargo’s Goodies to Hungry Homeless

Even though these police officers may have an affinity for donuts, they were careful to share their bounty with those less fortunate.

Shop Has Given Away 142,000 Slices of Pizza, Continuing Dad’s Mission for the Homeless

Before Mike Stevens's passing in 2017, he insisted on feeding anyone who was less fortunate – and now, his family is continuing the mission.

Man is Working to Convert Cruise Ship into Supportive Housing Community for the Homeless

Though the concept has been proposed before, Kenneth Capron is taking the idea one step further after his presentation before the city council.

When Street Musician Offers His Earnings to Homeless Vets, He is Stunned By How They Pay It Forward

Adam Kightlinger was just trying to do something kind for some homeless men – but he was surprised by the waves of compassion that resulted from his offer.

Amazon’s Bezos Makes Small Amends, Gives $2 Billion to Help Homeless Families and Create Free Preschools

With recent cuts to government preschool program Head Start, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has devoted $2 billion to benefit homeless families and education.

Football Player Gives Shoes to Homeless Man Who Could Barely Walk

This college football player isn't simply a star on the field; he has shown himself to be a shining citizen off the field, as...

Homeless Man Protects Stolen Bike After Angry-worded Poster Shamed Thief into Returning It

Shannon Loys had expressed her frustration over someone stealing her husband's specially-modified bike – but her frustration actually helped return it.

Policeman Moved by Plea for Parenthood Adopts Baby of Drug-Addicted Homeless Woman

When a distressed homeless woman asked him to adopt her newborn daughter, this compassionate cop did not hesitate to oblige.

Pearl Jam Raises Millions for City’s Homeless, Rallies 100 Businesses to Join In

The band wanted to unite the city this week in an effort to tackle the Seattle's homelessness problem.

This Guy Has Fed Dogs of the City’s Homeless for 5 Years; Now He Has Bigger Plans

Paul Crowell has been a guardian angel to the homeless dogs of San Francisco for the last five years – and now, he wants to do more.

Homeless Man Becomes a Hero After Saving Woman Who Jumped From Bridge

Shane Drossard was risking his own life when he saved a suicidal woman earlier this week – but he says it was “his duty” to rescue her.

You Can Use Art to Help Heal and Energize Homeless Teens

Art is much more than a means of making music and creating paintings – it is also an incredible source of help, hope, and healing for the homeless.

Homeless Man Who Got Shave From Kind Cop Lands Job, With Help From a U.S. Senator

If you were touched by this story of a Florida police officer helping a homeless man to shave, then you'll be happy to know that the man got the job.

Police Officer Shaves Homeless Man’s Beard in Gas Station Parking Lot So He Can Land a Job

This compassionate cop was not about to let a homeless man miss a job opportunity just because of his facial hair.

Man is Determined to Thank Grieving Homeless ‘Angel’ Who Cared for His Lost Dog

Despite grieving for his own canine companion, James knew that he had to get this pup home to its rightful owner.

Businessman is So Moved By Homeless Man’s Story, He Offers Him a Job On the Spot

This 25-year-old homeless man said that meeting James Minns last week has “changed his life completely”.

After Miscarriages, Couple Starts Throwing Massive Birthday Parties for Homeless Kids Instead

The Worthy of Love charity is built on the idea that every child should be able to feel special for their birthday – even if they're homeless.