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When Man Got Sick of Trash and Crime, He Bought Buddha Statue for the Street—and Transformed the Neighborhood

Over the course of the last two decades, the “Buddha of Oakland” has completely transformed the Oakland, California neighborhood.

NYC Man Uses Haiku to Battle Street Honking—His ‘Honku’ Poems Rallied a Community (MOTH Monday)

In our latest episode of Moth Monday, a creative Brooklyn man uses haiku poetry to battle street honking—and his Honku poems brought together his community.

When 1,600 Asylum-Seekers Were Sent to This US Town, They Were Welcomed With Housing and Open Arms

This story was submitted as a nomination to the Reader’s Digest “Top 50 Nicest Places in America” contest: a crowd-sourced effort to uncover nooks...

After Rural Pizzeria Burnt to the Ground, Dozens of Amish Folks Rallied to Repay Their Kindness

This pizzeria is being lauded as one of the nicest places in America—and based on its long history of paying forward good deeds, it's not hard to see why.

Despite Language Barrier, Family Develops the Sweetest Connection With Japanese Neighbor

This American family never expected their simple gift of beer and chocolate would lead to such a sweet and lasting relationship with their neighbor.

When Mortuary Intern Invites Strangers to Veteran’s Funeral, 3,000 People Travel From All Over for the Service

When an intern at a Michigan funeral home published an open invitation to a Vietnam veteran's memorial service, over 3,000 people answered his call.

Tom Hanks Becomes Mr. Rogers in Newly Released Trailer for ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’

Moviegoers are gearing up to hit the theaters in November after Sony Pictures released this new trailer for a Fred Rogers biopic starring Tom Hanks.

Ugandan Man Becomes a Lawyer to Win Back His Family Land

Ugandan Jordan Kinyera won back his family’s land back after working for 18 years to become lawyer—and now he's helping others in need of justice.

After $9 Was Stolen From Girl’s Lemonade Stand, Community Gives Her $350 to Pay It Forward

After a group of youngsters stole $9 from a little girl running a lemonade stand, dozens of neighbors rallied behind her charitable mission.

In a Town That Straddles Two Different US States, the Border Actually Brings People Together

Despite how some regional borders tend to divide their communities, this state line has actually served to bring two towns together.

316 Dutch Bus Stops Are Getting Green Roofs Covered in Plants as a Gift For Honeybees

All 316 bus stops in the city of Utrecht will soon be supporting lush green rooftops covered in sedum plants for improving air quality and nourishing bees.

Good News in History, July 7

On this day 35 years ago, Bruce Springsteen went to No.1 on the US album chart with Born In The U.S.A. Released four weeks...

Police Are Fighting Social Isolation By Creating Public ‘Chat Benches’ for Strangers to Chat

As a means of tackling loneliness and social isolation in English towns, local police forces have begun designating specific public benches that can be...

Man Celebrated Pothole’s ‘Birthday’ With Cake to Cajole City Officials – and It Worked

For three months, Frank Sereno had been asking city officials to fill up a particularly pesky pothole on his neighborhood street. When he finally...

With Anonymous Good Deeds Reigning Supreme in Tiny Town, It May Be the ‘Nicest Place’ in US

This quiet little blue-collar neighborhood has had a secret track record for anonymous good deeds – and almost every neighbor has participated.

Good News in History, June 26

On this day 60 years ago, the 370-mile St. Lawrence Seaway was officially opened, marking the completion of one of the greatest engineering feats...

Four Teenage Boys Rushed to Burning Home to Save 90-Year-old Neighbor Trapped Inside

Four teenage boys leapt into action so they could save the life of their 90-year-old neighbor after her house caught on fire last month.

Inspired By 6-Year-old’s Kindness, a 43-Foot Bridge is Donated to Flood-Affected Nebraska Town

A determined Virginia man has successfully managed to donate a 43-foot bridge to the people of Nebraska after he learned about a Utah youngster's good deed.

Man Taught Himself to Play the Trumpet Solely So He Could Play Taps for Fallen Soldiers

This Minnesota man is now 70 years old, but he refuses to stop paying his respects to fallen veterans soldiers as a means of atoning for his regret.

Good News in History, May 20

Happy Birthday to children’s author Mary Pope Osborne, best known for her award-winning Magic Tree House series, who turns 70 years old today. With...