boston terrierFor years, Bill Judge had been a loner, known in his neighborhood for the five old cars in his driveway and his eccentric habits. When he injured his knee at age 84, he landed in a nursing home. He hated it. And with no family to help him, he might have died angry — except for the extraordinary efforts of four neighbors and a priest who sprung him. (tears came reading this…) Via Timesleader


  1. This is a lovely story of friendship and kindness. My only comment is in relation to the Petey. In this story it states that the friendly and devoted Father Ed talked Mr Judge out of leaving his estate to his beloved pet. And that Petey has been placed in a breed rescue group – a slightly more comfortable environment than a shelter – where he waits in limbo for someone to adopt him. Animal overpopulation is a very real and sad problem in this country – not much in the way of good news for the millions that are put to death – and if more people acknowledged the human-animal bond, like the bond that clearly existed between Mr. Judge and Petey – the fate for discarded animals could take a turn for the better. It seems unfortunate that out of all of his friends – especially the ones that will receive a share of his $200 estate – no one could find it in their hearts and homes to take in a little dog. The human neighbors have been handsomely rewarded for their contributions in the eleventh hour and the canine contributor, Petey, who provided constant companionship, has been discarded. This is specism and shameful.

  2. that’s one way to look at it. Don’t believe that no good will come to Petey, however. IT could be that he will be adopted into a family more loving than even the last…

    I agree that there could have been some monetary provision for Petey in the will, perhaps to contribute to the adopted family who will pay for food and medical for the dog.

    But to let the problem of overpopulation of animals, and a thought that the humans should be shamed, counteract the incredible beauty found in this story — that blossomed in the hearts of neighbors and a priest who never knew the man, is, I believe, a mistake.

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