Money letter FB City of Orem Utah

A desire to make things right has gotten this Parks Department one step closer to helping local kids with special needs join their friends on the playground.

Earlier this week, the Public Works Department in Orem, Utah received an anonymous letter from someone apologizing for taking part in the vandalism of a city park bathroom in 1990.

It read:

“Many years ago in my youth, I and a couple of friends vandalized the bathroom partitions at Bonneville Park on 800 West. I regret the actions of my youth but need to make right the financial burden I created. I am including money that would or should be able to cover that expense.”

The writer enclosed $500 to make things right again.

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None of the employees at the city’s Parks Department remember the vandalism from 25 years ago, but they do plan to put the money toward an “All Abilities Playground” the city is building.

When it opens in the spring, this new addition will let kids with mobility problems, even kids in wheelchairs, join their friends for play dates in the park.

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It’s one of those ‘feel good’ stories that makes you believe in humanity,” Reed Price, with Orem’s Public Works department told KSL News.

(WATCH the KSL News video below) — Photo: City of Orem, Facebook

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