Photo by Yasuto Inagaki

A Japanese photographer managed to capture the magical moment a train conductor stopped to show some appreciation towards his son.

In a Twitter post that has now been shared by social media users around the world, Yasuto Inagaki describes how his son—who adores all things locomotive—had been admiring the bullet trains at the Nagano Station platform.

The conductor of one of these trains had just stepped off of a newly-arrived transit car when he saw the eager little boy watching from the platform.

The conductor then approached the youngster, gave him his hat, and offered the boy a cheerful salute.

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While it may have been a small gesture, Ingaki said that it meant more to his son than meeting Mickey Mouse.

Furthermore, Inagaki managed to capture four perfectly-timed pictures of the heartwarming exchange from further down the platform. Since he published the photos to social media, they have been shared more than half a million times—and it’s not hard to see why.

That being said, Inagaki has a knack for taking some truly breathtaking photos of his family—so if you want to check out more of his work, be sure and visit his Instagram or Twitter page.

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