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Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp embraced his “batty” side on the movie set of his new sequel by getting to know some tiny winged creatures of the night.

baby bat-Australian Bat Clinic + Wildlife Trauma Centre-CarlaHarp-FBIt all happened in Australia after award-winning actor and wildlife advocate Johnny Depp heard about a baby bat discovered orphaned following a recent thunderstorm. After the tiny winged ‘flying fox’ was rescued, Depp agreed to sponsor her, becoming its “foster father.”

The Australian Bat Clinic announced on Facebook that the rescued bat was named “Jackie Sparrow,” an ode to Depp’s onscreen pirate character.

To further show his support of bat rescue and conservation, Depp invited members of the volunteer non-profit rescue group, Bats Qld, to his movie set.

Volunteers Ashley and Paula Fraser introduced Depp, to Fifi, another rescued flying fox.

“It was an amazing opportunity; he was so kind and thoughtful,” Ashley Fraser told Brisbane Times. “It was an absolute pleasure and honor to have met him.”

(READ more at the Brisbane Times)animal with jar rescue-YouTube

Photo: (top) Bats Qld; (middle) Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre

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