Dancing Student and Cop-Youtube

When Officer Jarrod Singh received a call from a citizen reporting a fight, he was expecting to bust some crime – not bust a move.

But when he arrived at the scene in Toronto, he found eight students from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in the middle of filming a music video.

“I saw eight people gathered around one person, so I can see how a member of the public thought it was a fight,” Singh said in a statement released by the Durham Regional Police. “But when I got closer I could see he was break dancing in the middle and there was someone filming it.”

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Though the youths had been filming a teaser video for an upcoming dance competition, they were nervous at the sight of the approaching police officer.

Then Singh mentioned that he had also been a hip hop dancer in college.

After one of the students asked if Singh could show them some moves, the scene turned into an epic dance battle that has since gone viral.

(WATCH the video below)

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