Great news for anyone in the Los Angeles area—or for anyone willing to drive a few hours to experience a possible life-altering event: We have 10 FREE tickets for a fabulous empowerment conference being held May 17th-19th at the L.A. Convention Center! A special gift for GNN fans who are interested in learning and growing.

“The Powerful U Experience” is bringing together over 30 world-renowned influencers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs for a three-day transformative event to teach personal power through responsibility, controlling perceptions, understanding purpose, and harnessing emotions.

As the founder of GNN, I will be joined by my Good News Gurus radio host, Ellen K for a break-out session Friday at 12:10. We will be talking about how to be Powerful Women, the theme of the conference for Friday. (Together, Ellen and I broadcast the good news story of the week to syndicated radio audiences around the U.S. via KOST 103.5.)

Enter the promo code: GERI10 to receive a free ticket to this inspiring event.

The Powerful U weekend journey will include 45 unique sessions, meet and greets, and community breakouts covering entrepreneurship, health and fitness, diversity, relationships, and education —and a special self-defense workshop.

Keynote speakers include Lilian Garcia, Robin Sharma, Henry Ammar, Trent Shelton, Dean Graziosi, and Glennon Doyle, among many others.

The best thing about this conference is the price for the general public. These types of events always cost a thousand dollars or more, but the ‘Powerful U’ founders made it a point to keep the prices low, so that most people can afford it—and I love that.

Their website says: “General admission ($249), preferred seating ($449) and VIP ($1199). Powerful-U will not refuse entrance to anyone who cannot afford a ticket and believes all people should be able to attend a world-class event, gaining access to life-changing wisdom and experiences.”

I hope to see you there on Friday, where I will be speaking and answering questions at noon in one of the breakout sessions. I will also be around for the rest of the day (and likely on Saturday) signing books and chatting with fans. Visit the website for more info, and to get your tickets.

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