Prince Harry wheelchair football-Australian Defense Force-FB

Want another reason to love his Royal Highness the young red-haired Prince of Wales?

Prince Harry unleashed some laughs last week playing a game of wheelchair Australian football with wounded members of the Soldier Recovery Center during his month-long tour with the Australian Army. During his stay, Prince Harry, or Captain Harry Wales, as he’s known in the British Army, worked and lived among the soldiers of the 1st Brigade and other units, but is now headed for retirement, finishing his last tour ‘down under’.

Committed to charitable causes, particularly injured service members, Prince Harry spearheaded the Invictus Games last year, a sporting tournament for wounded veterans from 13 nations. He also is involved in AIDS charities and research, much like his late mother, Princess Diana.

He is fourth in line for the throne, but Prince Harry is first in the hearts of his fellow Afghan veterans.

(WATCH the wheelchair football videos below)

Photo by:  CPL Oliver Carter, Australian Defense Force via Facebook


  1. A wonderful guy – but he’s not the Prince of Wales, successor to the throne. He’s a son of the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles.
    Harry’s full style and title is His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, but he is informally known as Prince Harry. He uses the name of the area over which his father holds title, i.e., Wales, as a territorial suffix in lieu of surname.

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