eye-make-up-mensatic-morguefile.jpgProject Rejuvenation is a plan to encourage and invigorate homeless women by giving each participant a complete makeover and turning them into models for a fashion show.

Three charitable organizations hosting the event will transport the women, who are currently in transition and live at local shelters, in chauffeured limousines. They will receive gift bags, new hairstyles and clothes, as well as encouragement to continue to move forward. The models will be pampered from head to toe in an effort to show them that, despite their current situations, they are beautiful.

Their current circumstances by no means define their final destinations. No matter the series of events that may have lead these women to their current situations, a little encouragement truly goes a long way in helping to propel them forward.

“Makeovers could be just the boost they need.”

Photo by mensatic, morguefile.com

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