diseased 'elephant man'This story would be really sad if it weren’t for the inspired attitude ringing from this young woman’s lips. She is one of only 126 people in the world to have a rare deforming disease that, in her case, has enlarged her legs to beyond imaginable proportions and might lead to amputation. Instead of dwelling on the horrible ‘luck’, Mandy Sellars, from Lancashire, wants to bring awareness of the condition to the public. She says of the possible amputation ahead, "It could be a more adventurous life. Things I can’t do now I might be able to do then. I quite fancy having a go at snowboarding actually…" (BBC) Thanks, Andrew, for the link – you are correct in seeing the value to GNN readers – filed under, "You think you’ve got problems?"


  1. Thanks Geri I was especially inspired by this one. I hope she can see that what she is doing is making all kinds of people take more on in their own lives and live to their fullest.

    Selena, good point about the follow up, I’ll keep my eyes out on the BBC news.

  2. Great story, I had seen The Elephant Man which was made in 1980 and found it to be an incredible upper and downer, but hadn’t heard much more about this condition until now. Thanks for bringing this story to us and leaving us with a positive spin that we all need to learn every day. Edward W. Smith.

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