science lab teen CEO of ProvitaPharmaceuticalsProvita Pharmaceutical is working on a project (with funding from the Gates Foundation) to use mosquitoes to help carry vaccines against the West Nile Virus.

The first goal: to genetically engineer mosquitoes so that they can produce and deliver a vaccine via their saliva. It’s a new twist on research being done elsewhere to breed sterile mosquitoes in malaria-infested areas.

And, everyone on the 15-plus person Provita team, from research and development workers to finance officers, is under the age of 18 and still in high school.

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  1. Having read the full article, I think it’s an excellent idea to encourage teenagers to learn in science and business. Far better than sitting at home playing video games – a wonderful program.

    In regard to the flying vaccines, West Nile Virus KILLS. If the same mosquito could make me feel a little unwell or dead, I know which I’d choose.

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