Painting mouth artist Robert ThomeRobert Thome’s dream of becoming a professional athlete was shattered when he broke his neck during a high school football game. As a 15-year-old quadriplegic, he thought his life was over until in rehabilitation he learned how to use his mouth to actively pursue his second-favorite subject, art.

Without the use of his hands, Robert began painting with his mouth. At age 30, he became a member of a global for-profit company that allows him to live independently with a thriving career as an artist.

Since joining the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) Robert has painted more than 1,000 pieces and has participated in over 200 exhibitions worldwide.

When not painting, Robert spends time mentoring young artists and teaching at schools and rehabilitation centers. The story of his successful life — with his wife, 2 kids, and a career in Whittier, California — inspires hope, courage and determination in those facing the same trauma he overcame when he was just a teenager.

I interviewed Thome by telephone yesterday. WATCH the video below. See more of Mr. Thome’s artwork at the bottom of the page…

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Painting Robert Thome mouth painter

Wheelchair racers by Robert Thome -

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