What started out as a seemingly normal bout of flu symptoms actually turned out to be carbon monoxide poisoning – and if Lonnie Wimmers hadn’t noticed the suspicious activity early on, dozens of people could have died.

Lonnie, a firefighter in Clemmons, North Carolina, was eating dinner at the River Ridge Taphouse when he started seeing some of the patrons displaying an abnormal amount of nausea.

Several adults looked ill and kept making trips to the restrooms.

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Though these symptoms could have been written off, Wimmers thought it to be because of carbon monoxide – a colorless, odorless, tasteless poisonous gas. If someone is breathing the chemical for too long, it can lead to death.

Wimmers called in several ambulances and an ambulance bus. 32 people showed symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning while 12 were taken to the nearby hospital. Thanks to Lonnie’s quick-thinking, however, no one was killed.

The gas leak had reportedly come from a faulty heating unit in the restaurant.

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