random-acts-hackers-meetingTwo years ago representatives from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Hewlett-Packard, NASA and the World Bank came together to form the Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) program, which steers technology developers toward doing good. RHoK brings together subject matter experts, volunteer software developers and designers to create free software solutions that address challenges facing humanity and assist in crisis response.

Earlier this month, thousands of “hackers for good” gathered in more than 19 different global locations—from Berlin to Nairobi, and Sydney to Sao Paulo—to participate in Random Hacks of Kindness #3. These teams are now off and running, working with NGO and government advisors to finish their applications for humanity.

RHoK #3 expanded the mandate to include climate change, and also announced they are broadening the scope in the future to tackle any development challenges.

Of the more than 75 solutions submitted for judging at this year’s global events, many are already on their way to making a difference around the world.

At the RHoK event on the Google campus, these two winners were picked:

• Hey Cycle makes it easier for people to reuse and recycle items by setting up email alerts when free items that they’re looking for are entered on freecycle.org

• FoodMovr connects people with excess food to others who need it through a simple live application

Visit www.rhokaustralia.org for more information, and to put your hacking skills to good use.

(READ more at Google BlogWATCH the video from Philly session below)


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