American apparel company Reebok has just announced their new shoes for environmentally-conscious souls.

In a statement released by the brainiacs of Reebok’s Future Team, the company plans on selling shoes made out of corn as a part of their fall collection.

Everything in the stylish kicks will be entirely compostable and plant-based; from the organic cotton tops, to the soles made of corn – even the glue holding the shoes together will be concocted from biologically friendly materials.

The Cotton + Corn initiative will be the first project in the world to create a plant-based athletic shoe.

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Once the corn shoes have reached the end of their life span, they will be used to fertilize the soil and create the next generation of recyclable footwear.

“Reebok is trying to clean up the entire life cycle of shoe making: from what shoes are made of to where they end up,” says Bill McInnis, vice president of Reebok’s Future Team.

“Typical shoes are made from oil-based plastics that can sit around in landfills for hundreds of years when you’re done with them. We’re focusing on creating shoes made from things that grow, made from things that bio-compost, made from things that can be replenished.”

(WATCH the video below)


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