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If you were making a list of things that someone needed to survive and succeed in the world, well-fitting shoes wouldn’t be at the top. But Kenton Lee was working with barefooted kids in Kenya and realized the importance of making this a priority.

“Wouldn’t it be great,” he pondered, “if there was a shoe that could adjust and expand — so that kids always had a pair of shoes that fit?”

Kenton Lee was working with barefooted kids in Kenya and realized the importance of well-fitting shoes. His incredible innovation? A Shoe That Grows.adjustable-sandal-poor-children-the-shoe-that-grows-kenton-lee-2

Although kids may own shoes, it’s hard when living in poverty to keep up with constant growth spurts. The Shoe That Grows can now accommodate children’s ever-growing feet by expanding five sizes, making them last up to ten years.Kenguru-car-wheelchair-entry

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Determined to get started, Kenton became the Founder and Executive Director of Because International, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Nampa, Idaho. The company completed the prototype for their wonder shoe in 2013, and reached out to the world for crowdfunding of their invention. After hand delivering their first shipment of 100 shoes to little ones in Nairobi, Kenya, Kenton is eager to continue production.

Thanks to these shoes, children won’t be so susceptible to soil-based diseases and infections, and they can always be ready to race wherever their legs may lead them.

Inspired to walk in Kenton’s shoes? The donate button to protect children’s feet is just a click away.

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