Roxy pitbull autism story credit Best Friends Animal Society

Evidence that Pit Bulls are actually incredibly sweet just keeps piling up.

When Amanda Granados adopted Roxy the Pit Bull from a Los Angeles animal shelter, her 14-year-old son Joey was so excited that he gave his mother a hug and a kiss for the first time ever.

Joey, who has Asperger syndrome, had never before let his mother hug or kiss him.Pitbull Autism Submitted Amanda Grenados

“I get emotional thinking about it,” Granados told TODAY. “For all those years, he wouldn’t hold my hand, he wouldn’t hug me — it was all part of the autism — but this dog has taught him how to give and show affection. He holds my hand now! He hugs me! The first time I got a kiss on the cheek was when Roxy came home.”

Joey had been asking his mother for a dog for some time, and once she caught wind of a Best Friends adoption event taking place nearby and saw Roxy’s photo (above), she knew it was fate.

Like teenagers living with Autism, Pit Bulls are also commonly “misunderstood,” a connection that she believes helped bring the two pals together.

Joey now finds it easier to make friends, after previously spending most of his free time alone.

“Roxy has a very goofy and loving personality. She lights up the room with she enters,” Granados told Good news Network. “Joey has been training her, he taught her to give high fives, shake, sit and he even taught her to give hugs. He takes care of her, walks her, and feeds her.”

Photo credits: Best Friends Animal Society and Amanda Granados

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