flooded-horsesA powerful combination of story and music: More than 100 horses were stranded on a small island for days after a heavy storm. 19 of them drowned while onlookers feared for the lives of the rest. A group of women on horseback then attempted a rescue… Very moving!

From Mark in the Netherlands comes this video montage and message to audiences viewing on the web: “The source for the video is a Dutch newsgroup: NOS Journal. I didn’t made the images myself, I just combined them! I was suprised myself by the great video and hereby I want to say thanks to the news team!!”


  1. Horse Rescue
    This was very moving. It is good to see people who care about nature will go the extra mile to protect and care for animals. Animals are a true gift to us. They need us but we need them to bring out the best in us.

  2. Rescue of 100 Stranded Horses Through Floodwaters
    This is simply beautiful and moving. Thanks so much those who made this possible. Sometimes in life we are like those stranded horses, stuck and without knowing where to go or what to do, and allowing the help and guidance of someone wiser or more capable than us we can move and release ourselves from our situation or condition. Sometimes we are in the position ofl those women and men who took action to guide someonelse out of his/her seeming imposible situation, and with caring and understanding we can do it. In the world that we are personaly involved with, we can do it!!
    Thanks Again.

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