We sure appreciated seeing this today—a review for our new book…

Good News Network published their first book last month, a collection of the best stories from the last 20 years, in a small gift volume… On the book’s Amazon page, a woman named Julie wrote this:

“I read lots of wonderful books every year – hundreds. This is the best of the best that I’ve devoured in quite awhile. I’m a fan of The Good News Network, but for those who don’t know the media outlet, this book will lead you back to believing in humanity if you ever question it. Full of brief stories about people of all walks of life finding common ground, helping one another and giving of themselves in surprising ways, this book is full of heart. Perfect gift for anyone who struggles day-to-day with depression or needs a reason to smile. Who am I kidding? This is the rare book for EVERYBODY! My advice? Buy a stack of these little gems and hand them out like candy to friends and strangers alike. You’ll feel good that you did.”

IN OTHER AMAZON NEWS: Our new book, “…And Now, The Good News”, will be available as an ebook for your devices and apps soon, priced at around $4.95.
(Release in early February)

For Those Who Dislike Amazon: We are also selling the paperback ourselves (to US Residents only) through our publishing partner White Cloud Press, HERE.

Buy the Book Overseas: We’ve added Australia to the list of countries where overseas customers can get local delivery! Find the book on Amazon Marketplaces in these places:
United Kingdom — Canada  —  Germany — Spain — Italy.

(Photo, above, uploaded to Amazon in a review by Joseph @ Strategic Media Studios)

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