nothern-lights-cc-andi-gentschThe Icelandic capital city of Rekjavik was dazzled this Wednesday as the beloved Northern Lights danced in the sky.

The view was intensified, however, by the lack of light pollution below.

Rekjavik released a statement earlier in the day announcing that they would be turning off street and city lights in order to give their residents a better view.


“Reykjavík residents should be given a unique opportunity to see the magnificent northern lights show tonight in better conditions than ever before. People are encouraged to drive particularly carefully in these areas and show consideration during the blackout needs.”

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Even though the population is a modest 120,000, the pinkish glow of light pollution emitting from the streets can be noticeable in previous photos of the aurora borealis.

The city remained dark between 10PM and midnight – and everyone came out to enjoy the show.

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