Robert Fowler said he was certain that he would never see his ring again when it slipped off his finger in 1979 and was lost in the Pacific Ocean.

He had owned it for only a couple of months, but 35 years later it would be returned to him by a Good Samaritan treasure hunter roaming the same beach where he lost it.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported yesterday, “The code of honor among treasure hunters requires a good-faith effort to find the owner of anything traceable.”

That’s why Larry Feurzeig  has found and reunited with owners no fewer than three gold rings.

“Wow,” Fowler said, handing Feurzeig a bottle of Champagne in appreciation. “I’m shocked. Amazed. Overjoyed. Life has a way of continuing to surprise us. Thanks.”

(READ the full story w/ photos in the SF Chronicle)

Story tip from Mike McGinley