In this Florida county, kids will no longer be burdened with hours of harrowing homework – instead, they will be encouraged to read with their parents.

That is because Marion County, Florida has issued a “no homework policy” for all 31 elementary schools in the district. The decision will not affect middle or high schools.

The Marion County School District Superintendent Heidi Maier says that the schools issued the policy in light of several studies stating that kids perform better when they are not being forced to do homework. Instead of covering worksheets and textbooks, the students are being asked to read for at least 20 minutes every night.

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The policy does not represent an outright ban, either. Teachers can still assign homework for larger projects at their discretion – but the district refuses to allow tediously large workloads any longer.

School representatives believe that the initiative will give kids more motivation and freedom over their education, especially if they are able to choose their own reading materials.

Any parents who feel that they might have trouble fulfilling the reading request can receive additional support from school programs and resources.

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