Photo by Wallyir - via MorguefileOn a sight-seeing trip with her family to Vancouver, Dr. Nas Rafi got to put her emergency-room skills to the test in a venue where usually only EMT caregivers shine — on the streets amid the chaos of a car accident.

The 30-year-old doctor heard a scream of brakes as a female cyclist was pitched off her bike and into the path of a limousine.

With people shouting, ‘Don’t move her’, as the the front tire leaned on the unconscious woman’s head and neck, Ms. Rafi, who is currently completing her residency, took control.

It’s lucky for the cyclist that the San Diego doctor was nearby. In the next minutes she would save her life.

(READ the story in the Vancouver Sun)

Thanks to Craig Withers for submitting the link! – Photo by Wallyir via Morguefile

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