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For his fifth birthday, Haylen Astalos’s parents threw him a “five for five party.” They asked guests to bring two $5 dollar bills: one for the birthday boy, and another for him to donate to a charity of his choice.

After buying a tricked-out monster truck for himself, Haylen decided to donate the $100 to Ronald McDonald House—and requested an official tour of the place.

Shortly after taking a look around the facility, he decided to open an ice cream shop. With some help from his family, he built the “ice cream truck” with wood, painted it, loaded it with frozen treats, and welcomed the people of Blackfalds, in Alberta, Canada.

Haylen ice cream customers FacebookWhen his mother asked him what he wanted to do with the ice cream money, Haylen replied by saying, “I’m going to give all the money to the Ronald McDonald House. I will fill up my bucket and give it to them, then fill it again and again and keep giving it to them.”

Haylen, who’s favorite flavor is Kit-Kat, sometimes gets help from his three-year-old sister Farah and neighbors who donate ice cream to the stand.

“I just want to help a bunch and bunch and bunch of kids so they can buy medicine,” Haylen told Good News Network.

He says he “doesn’t know” how often he sets up shop (time is an overrated concept, anyway), but when asked where he sets up—specifically, if it’s outside of his house—he responded, “Yes, how would I do it inside? We don’t want strangers inside.”Boston bus lemonade stand -WBZ vid

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Now that he has successfully reached his initial goal of $2,011, Haylen has set a new goal of $3,009—a number that we trust he has a specific plan for.

Additionally, he says, he will switch to hot chocolate once the weather turns cold.

To keep up with “Haylen’s Ice Cream Shop” and it’s fundraising progress, visit them on Facebook.

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