Anita Hughes used to be a notorious homebody who rarely left the house, except on Sunday mornings. If she did venture out during the week, she insisted on not doing it alone.

So when she eventually got the nerve to take a road trip from her home in Cleveland, Ohio to a gospel concert in North Carolina, it was a momentous occasion.

The devout churchgoer made it to the concert without any issues – but on the way back, she got dizzyingly lost.

She then stopped at a convenience store in Virginia and begged the customers to give her directions home.

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Jason Wright stepped forward and gave his best instructions on how to get to Ohio – but Hughes was still scared.

Moved by her desperation, Wright traveled dozens of miles out of the way so he could lead her back to the right interstate highway.

Wright’s patient kindness had such a big impact on Hughes, she has since become a fearless traveler, unafraid of misdirection.

The Virginia gentleman has taken a lot more trips, too. He reportedly enjoyed his time with Hughes so much, he has given rides to dozens of other strangers – all of which stem from that first encounter in the convenience store.

(WATCH the video below from CBS’s Steve Hartman)

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