Jaime Thurston aims to be the catalyst for change in one person’s life every week this year. She achieved that BIG TIME last week when a gift was delivered to a family half way around the world, because they were struggling through two cancer diagnoses at the same time.

In Mid-May Jaime’s website,, was focused on helping a mother and son in Queensland Australia, who both have cancer. With their 30 year-old car badly in need of repair, Kerry Lumsden had relied on friends to bring her little boy, Kybie, to his hospital appointments.

The website was both asking if anyone knew an auto mechanic who would do it for free, and contemplating whether to raise money for the repair. Suddenly, on a Sunday evening, an email arrived from Scotland from a couple who had read the story on Jaime’s website.

“Since reading this story, (Kybie and Kerry) have been on my mind,” wrote the couple, who remain anonymous. “I would like to buy Kerry and Kybie a car.”

They sent $7000 (AU), and when Jaime called her with the news, Kerry was “overwhelmed that someone she had never even met would be willing to give so much.”

Since the gift was anonymous, Kerry wanted to express her gratitude for all to see on

“To the couple in Scotland, I don’t know how to say thank you enough. I was in shock when I received the call, I just could not believe it. From our hearts to yours, thank you so much. And I can only begin to say thank you to Jaime and 52 Lives for the unbelievable support and kindness they have given us. We are not alone on this monster of a journey.”

The family chose a truck to carry his wheelchair and later, his four-wheeler, when he’s healed. A Kind-hearted business, Cricks Auto Group, offered to supply a much more expensive car for the money, as well as a 6-year warranty. Cash donations totaling $190 meant they could also insure the vehicle.


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