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Two Little Girls Have a Petition and Powerful Video for McDonald’s—It May Signal the End of Wasteful Plastic Toys

Since these determined young activists started campaigning for the end of free plastic toys in kids meals, their mission has gotten a massive response.

Un Hombre Mayor Contemplando a su Cita en McDonald’s ha Inspirado a Cientos de Románticos

Un simple momento de intimidad entre un hombre de edad mayor y su cita en un lugar de comida rápida ha derretido varios corazones...

McDonald’s is Finally Ditching One of the Worst Offenders of the Environment

The fast food giant that has served billions recently served up a big announcement: they will finally be phasing out the use of foam...

Ex-McDonald’s CEO Moves from All-Beef Patties to Veggie Burgers

A former McDonald’s CEO is flipping vegan burgers these days. Don Thompson is bringing his 25 years of experience from the fast food chain to...

Subway Follows McDonald’s in Australia to Use Cage-free Eggs

Australia cheered another win for animal welfare as Subway, a chain of 1400 stores, announced that it will source cage-free eggs for all its...

Civilians in an Abandoned McDonald’s Gain Control of Wandering NASA Satellite

For the first time in history, an independent crew is controlling a NASA satellite and running a crowd-funded mission in space. They’re doing it...
pigs in pens - Humane Society

McDonald’s Says Pigs Need Better Conditions, Demands Changes by Suppliers

McDonald’s Corp., the world’s largest restaurant chain, will require its pork suppliers to get rid of gestation pens that animal-rights groups have long deemed...

After Boy Calls Police to Order ‘Happy Meal’ for His Sister, Officer Teaches Him About 911 – and Brings Him the Food

Even though the little boy didn’t actually manage to call McDonald's, the Mesa Police Department was more than happy to deliver—both the food and a lesson.

Reader’s Digest Names the ‘Nicest Place in America’ For 2019, A Town Where Nobody Gets Left Behind

A baker who donates freely to support causes of every kind, the real-estate developer who offers a year rent-free to promising entrepreneurs who may...

How a Doting Husband Used Eight Billboards to Tell His Wife That He Loved Her More

Over the last month, the residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma have been puzzled by a series of digital billboards all sporting the same simple, but...

Hearts Are Melting Over Waiter’s Compassion Towards 91-Year-old Dining Alone

People eating at the nearby tables could barely contain their emotions over the heartfelt exchange between this waiter and his elderly patron.

El Activista de 7 Años de Edad Convenció a L.L. Bean de Cambiar la Política de su Empresa

En una visita a la tienda principal de L.L.Bean en Freeport, Maine- Estados Unidos, Benjamin Ball de siete años de edad preguntó si la...

Seniors Conquer Loneliness and Chores With App That Hires ‘Grandkids On-Demand’ at College

Seniors no longer have to suffer through the loneliness of their golden years thanks to an app that pairs them with “grandkids on-demand”.

Father Thanks Stranger for Entertaining His Daughter in the Airport: ‘This is the world I want for her’

These sweet new BBFs are a perfect example of how friendship can go beyond race, age, and politics.

Good News in History, January 20

15 years ago today, the widow of McDonald’s franchise founder Ray Kroc, bequeathed $1.5 billion to the Salvation Army. It was the largest charitable...

When Icy Roads Delay School Day, Bus Driver Buys 50 Breakfast Meals for His Students

This compassionate bus driver was not about to let his students go through their school day without breakfast – so he made one more quick stop on his route.

Read the Amusing Card That Two Cheeky Mailmen Have Been Sending to Each Other for 43 Years

It all started as a joke to save money – but now, these two retired mailmen refuse to quit their amusing holiday tradition.

Homeless Man Who Got Shave From Kind Cop Lands Job, With Help From a U.S. Senator

If you were touched by this story of a Florida police officer helping a homeless man to shave, then you'll be happy to know that the man got the job.

10-Year-old is Traveling 620 Miles to Clean-up Coastlines, After Whale Dies With 30 Plastic Bags Ingested

When Lilly Platt first heard about the ‘plastic whale’ that washed up on a Norway beach, she became determined to clean up ocean pollution – no matter how many miles were in the way.

Versace Joins Alliance of Fashion Labels That Are Ditching Animal Furs From Clothing Lines

Italian fashion company Versace has just announced that it is joining the ever-growing list of designer brands that are ditching animal fur from their...