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Scientists Use Recycled Sewage Water to Grow 500-Acre Forest in the Middle of Egyptian Desert

Researchers have been rerouting human wastewater from a city to grow trees in Egypt—and it could lead to more than 36 forest sanctuaries in the desert.

Scientists Develop New Material to Make Lithium Ion Batteries Self-Healing and Easily Recyclable

Since the material can simply dissolve in water at room temperature, the researchers say it is particularly energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Scientists Discover Brain Circuit Linked to Food Impulsivity—And It Could Lead to New Treatments for Overeating

Researchers found that activating a specific neural pathway in the brain can amplify or reduce impulsive eating, regardless of the foods.

Scientists Develop Exciting New Way to Produce Hydrogen Fuel That’s Safe, Cheap, and Ultra-Efficient

Collectively, their technology improves the efficiency of hydrogen production by 30%—and with a 50% reduction in costs as well.

For the First Time, Scientists Have Reversed Dementia in Mice With Drug That Reduces Brain Inflammation

Not only does the drug reverse dementia, but researchers also believe that it could help the brain recover from concussion and trauma.

Rather Than Polluting Icy Roadsides With Salt, Scientists Use Recycled Biowaste From Fruit

The U.S. spends $5 billion a year to repair damages to road infrastructure from winter snow and ice control operations and the use of...

Scientists Discover Molecule That Triggers Self-Destruction of Pancreatic Cancer Cells

14 days after receiving the treatment, the mice with pancreatic cancer cells transplanted from humans experienced a 90% reduction in tumors.

Scientists Are Using Speakers to Revive Damaged Coral Reefs By Luring Fish Back With Healthy Reef Sounds

By projecting the sounds of a healthy coral ecosystem, scientists found that more and more fish returned to help revive the reef.

In World First, Scientists Reprogram Bacteria to Exist Solely By Consuming CO2 From the Air

After years of careful work, scientists have managed to breed bacteria that exclusively consumes carbon dioxide from its environment.

Scientists Develop Sensor to Save Kids and Pets Left in Vehicles—And It’s So Cheap, It Could Be in Cars by 2020

The inexpensive radar system developed by the Waterloo researchers uses AI to detect children and pets in cars with 100% accuracy.

Scientists Develop New Test That Can Diagnose Lyme Disease in Just 15 Minutes

Rather than waiting weeks for lab technicians to diagnose Lyme disease, this exciting new technique will detect the illness in minutes.

Scientists Create First Ever Lab-Grown Meat in Space Lab 248 Miles From Earth

The project is a groundbreaking proof-of-concept initiative which means that humans can grow nutritious food without the Earth's natural resources.

Ultrasound Imaging Finally Gets an Upgrade As Scientists Improve the Quality by 10x

Scientists have unveiled a new technique using a super-resolution ultrasound method that improves resolution by 5 to 10 times compared to standard ultrasound images. The...

MIT Scientists Accidentally Discover ‘Blackest Black’ Material Ever, Inspired by Artist Who Uses it to Amaze Audiences

The researchers had been trying to develop carbon nanotubes with pantry ingredients—and when they used salt, they were startled by its resulting color—or lack of color.

Reversing Hair Loss Could Soon Be as Easy as Wearing a Hat After Scientists Develop Simple New Tech

This noninvasive, low-cost, hair-growth-stimulating technology is powered simply by the wearer's movements—and it's small enough to wear under a hat.

Scientists Discover New Strategy That May Protect Against Hair-Loss During Cancer Treatments

The discovery could lead to a new class of treatments for preventing hair loss during chemotherapy.

Scientists Detect Tone Pattern in the Ringing of a Newborn Black Hole for the First Time, Proving Einstein Right Again

100 years after Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves, scientists have confirmed that he was right about black holes—again.

More Than $21 Million Awarded to World’s Most Trailblazing Scientists to Further Their Research

More than $21.6 million has been awarded to the world's most trailblazing scientists for this year's Breakthrough Prizes.

Say Goodbye to Temporary Fillings: Scientists Successfully Use a Gel to Regrow Tooth Enamel

Loose dental fillings may soon be a thing of the past now that Chinese scientists have uncovered how to reproduce tooth enamel that will repair itself.

Scientists Use Tiny Spring Magnets to Harmlessly Dissolve Microplastics in Water

The researchers managed to use the little springs to cleanse water samples of microplastics over the course of just eight hours.