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Five Ways the United Nations is Saving People and the Planet

In 1997, the owner of Cable News Network, Ted Turner, shocked the world when he handed over a billion dollars to the United Nations....
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Top Ten Stories of 2006: 8) Wars On the Wane Worldwide

8) Wars On the Wane Worldwide as Reconciliation Unites Divisions • The world has become dramatically more peaceful since 1992, according to...
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Top Ten Good News of 2006!

With casualties in Iraq reaching record numbers, the war in Lebanon punctuating the continuing crises in the Middle East and the ongoing slaughter in...

Wars are on the Wane Worldwide

The world has become dramatically more peaceful since 1992, according to the Human Security Report. The number of wars, coup d'etats, and acts of...

China, India Once Food Aid Recipients, Now Food Donors

In the same year it stopped receiving global food aid, China emerged as the world's third largest food donor. According to a report by...

Food Rations Increase in Darfur Thanks to Recent Donations to UN

Food rations that were recently reduced by half for more than 3 million people in Sudan will be increased to 84 per cent of...
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World Bank Cancels Debt of 17 of the World’s Poorest Countries

The World Bank approved details to implement the 2005 debt relief initiative, which will cancel the debt of some of the world’s poorest countries...
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A Society Without Criminals

Anthropologists once examined a society that utilized a special technique for the treatment of those members who chose to break rules or violate customs,...