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Oakland Residents Transform Abandoned Lot into Sanctuary for Camping Homeless Women

One resident of Oakland, California has transformed a dirty, abandoned lot of land into a cozy, self-sustained community for homeless women.

Group of Women Surprises Random Restaurant Server With Greeting Card Filled With Cash

The women said they had simply wanted to walk into a random restaurant and surprise a hard-working server with some cash for the holidays.

With Only 4% of Their Works by Women Artists, Museum Resolves to Only Buy Female-Made Art for One Year

This Maryland art museum is aiming to close their gender gap by exclusively buying artworks by female artists and designers for the next year.

After Making History With New Film Studio, Tyler Perry to Build a Shelter for Disadvantaged Women and Children

The shelter for disadvantaged youth and homeless women will be located on his new 330-acre film studio property in Atlanta, Georgia.

Emma Watson Launches Hotline That Offers Free Legal Advice for Women Experiencing Workplace Harassment

Though the first-of-its-kind hotline is currently only available to women in England and Wales, it could spark similar projects around the world.

Since Women Overcoming Addiction Repaid Town in Kindness, It’s One of the ‘Nicest Places’ in US

When this Kansas community welcomed the residents of a new women's recovery center, the residents were sure to repay the kindness tenfold.

In Bid to Include More Women, ‘Request a Woman Scientist’ Has Recruited 10,000 Researchers

Female scientists are tired of being excluded from the STEM community – and that's why this new online database is quickly gathering steam.

Rather Than Close Their Doors, South Korean School Fills Classrooms With Illiterate Older Women

With national birth rates continuing to fall, one South Korean elementary school has come up with a clever way to keep their doors open...

Surfing is Now One of the First Sports Requiring Equal Pay for Women – Lawmakers Are Following Suit

Surfers are making sure that male and female athletes from all different sports leagues are paid the same amount of money for their talent.

NASA is Paying German-Speaking Women Thousands of Dollars to Lie in Bed for 60 Days Straight

If you're a younger or middle-aged woman who can speak German, then NASA might pay you thousands of dollars to stay in bed for two months.

Contraceptive Jewelry Could Be Discreet New Method of Birth Control for Women Around the World

Contraceptive jewelry could prove to be a more conspicuous and appealing method of birth control for women – especially in different countries.

17 Inspiring Quotes and a New Playlist From Malala to Empower Women on International Women’s Day

In recognition of International Women's Day, here are some words of wisdom and a feminine powerhouse playlist for the holiday.

NASA Confirms First All-Female Spacewalk in History (Just in Time for Women’s History Month)

Two women are set to make history by conducting the first ever all-female spacewalk – and it's just in time for Women's History Month. NASA...

For Some Women Enduring Repeated Miscarriages, Simple Surgical Solution Has 90% Success

This simple surgical procedure is ensuring that fewer and fewer mothers will have to endure the heartbreak of repeated miscarriages.

Man Has Been Delivering Hundreds of Roses to Widows, Military Wives, and Single Women on Valentine’s Day

Seth Stewart and his brothers just want to make sure that women who might feel lonely on Valentine's Day can have a reminder that they're not forgotten.

Unvaccinated Women Are Still Benefiting from the HPV Vaccine, Study Shows

A large portion of women have never received the HPV vaccine, yet a new study says they are experiencing fewer cases of infection, thanks...

Three Women Are Being Praised for Coming to the Rescue of Stressed Mother at the Airport

When Becca Kinsey was overwhelmed by the stress of getting herself and her kids through airport security, three women jumped in to help.

A Wave of Women is Propelled into Congress on History-making Election Night

Yesterday’s election will ensure that the U.S. House of Representatives looks a lot more like the country it represents. A ‘pink wave’ is sending a...

All The Single Ladies: Why More Women Are Living Alone and Why They Love It

More and more women of all ages and demographics are living on their own – and there is a reason as to why they love it.

Women Sew Dozens of ‘Rescue Quilts’ for Young Trauma Victims So Police Can Comfort on Call

The group has already surged past their original goal – and they don't plan on stopping any time soon.