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UCLA is Launching the World’s First Research Institute on the Science of Kindness

The UCLA Bedari Kindness Institute is set to support kindness research and create opportunities to translate that research into real-world practices.

Principal Sparks Chain Reaction of Kindness After He Joins Lonely Girl With Cerebral Palsy at Recess

Ever since this principal took the time to join a lonely little girl at recess, she has become the ringleader of the “Bubble Club”.

Check Out Some of the Gorgeous Winning Pictures From This ‘Kindness Photography’ Contest

When prompted to submit photos of kindness, hundreds of photographers published their work—and the results are breathtaking.

Stranger’s Kindness Towards Anxious Senior on Airplane Leaves Witnesses Wiping Away ‘Happy Tears’

When this 96-year-old woman expressed her anxiety over flying, the young man sitting next to her stepped up to be her “flight angel”.

Kindergartners Succeed in Getting Cities to Adopt Their Official Symbol for Kindness—Next, the US Congress

There are already universal symbols for peace and love—but these youngsters are pushing for the recognition of an official symbol of kindness.

When Grieving Father Shares Daughter’s Drawings With the Mayor, It Helps Transform Town into ‘City of Kindness’

This California town may be one of the nicest places in America after a little girl's wish helped spark a citywide movement to “Make Kindness Contagious”.

After Rural Pizzeria Burnt to the Ground, Dozens of Amish Folks Rallied to Repay Their Kindness

This pizzeria is being lauded as one of the nicest places in America—and based on its long history of paying forward good deeds, it's not hard to see why.

Since Women Overcoming Addiction Repaid Town in Kindness, It’s One of the ‘Nicest Places’ in US

When this Kansas community welcomed the residents of a new women's recovery center, the residents were sure to repay the kindness tenfold.

If You’ve Ever Taken a Picture That Embodies Kindness, Then It Could Win You Some Cash in This Photo Contest

Photographers from all over the world are being asked to submit pictures that embody kindness and compassion – and the entries from last year are gorgeous.

Inspired By 6-Year-old’s Kindness, a 43-Foot Bridge is Donated to Flood-Affected Nebraska Town

A determined Virginia man has successfully managed to donate a 43-foot bridge to the people of Nebraska after he learned about a Utah youngster's good deed.

Why Volunteers Are Rewarded With Longer Life, According to the Science of Kindness

Volunteers aren't just dedicating their time towards helping other people – their charitable actions have also been linked to longer life.

Saved by a Kind Driver in a Foreign Land: A Story of True Heroism and Kindness

This blog was submitted to GNN by Jitendra Bhojwani. If you have any positive stories of your own that you would like to share with...

More Keanu Kindness: Actor Delights Passengers After Plane Makes Emergency Landing (GNN Podcast)

Keanu Reeves became the perfect travel companion when a plane was forced to land 2 hours away from its destination with dozens of passengers...

Another Story of Keanu Kindness: Actor Delights Passengers After Plane Makes Emergency Landing

LISTEN to this cool story on the radio below from The Good News Guru (our GNN founder), or READ the FULL story below… Dozens of airline passengers were left stranded at...

Social Media is Melting Over Cashier’s Kindness Towards Special Needs Girl at the Supermarket – Watch

This 9-year-old girl doesn't often say “I love you” to anyone, let alone strangers – but this compassionate supermarket cashier deserved an exception.

How Traffic Jams Show How We Are All Connected Through the Science of Kindness

Despite how we may hate traffic jams, they do provide a valuable insight into how we are all connected through our compassion.

Fifth Graders Launch Their Own Kindness Club at School – and Bullied Kids Are Already Benefiting

Kindness is seeping into the classrooms and corridors of an elementary school in Minnesota thanks to a group of fifth-graders. The kids at Parker Elementary School started...

Scientist Surprised to Find How Important it is to Have Visual Diet Rich in Kindness Over Cuteness

This new piece of research shows that people experience twice as much positive emotion with images of kindness compared to pretty pictures.

The Science of Kindness: Biology Proves How We Are All Connected

This installment of the Science of Kindness is reprinted with permission from Envision Kindness. In my exploration of how kindness connects people, it has become pretty...

The Science Behind Why We Need More of the ‘Secret Sauce’ of Kindness

What is the “secret sauce” of kindness – and why do we need it now more than ever?