During the first COVID-19 lockdowns in England the late army captain, 99-year-old Sir Tom Moore, attempted to raise money for NHS Charities Together by walking across his garden 100 times.

Now, believing that people need more positive and hopeful news in their life, his family is following in his footsteps by launching a Christmas campaign that invites anyone to share stories of individual moments of kindness they’ve received throughout their life.

By putting together “A Gift of Kindness” campaign, the family hopes “to celebrate the everyday acts of kindness that so often cost nothing to the giver, but mean so much to the receiver.”

On the front page of their website is a message board that gives the opportunity for people to share a fond memory of a good deed or say thank you to someone who has done something nice for them.

Those wishing to share a story of kindness, or read what others are posting, can add to the board here.

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“My late father Captain Sir Tom, lived a long and fulfilled life that was brimming with joy, deep sorrow, love, loss, hope, positivity and kindness,” said Sir Tom’s daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore.

“He truly believed in the fundamental goodness of humanity. With that in mind, A Gift of Kindness is a place to relate your kindness stories, to share joy and hope with others by recalling any small gift of kindness towards you, or someone you know, and how that felt.”

Moore’s humble intra-garden rally in 2020 captured the imagination of the nation, ultimately raising over £38.9 million for Britain’s National Health Service, while earning him a knighthood in the process.

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Anyone can give the gift of kindness this Christmas. In the face of adversity and turmoil in the midst of the pandemic, Captain Tom Moore said “above all…be kind”.

One poster shared a story of seeing two YouTube influencers working in a public place, but took a break to help a woman carry a baby carriage up some stairs while everyone else ignored her.

Another story came from a pair of young parents who received an umbrella from a passing stranger during a storm whilst sheltering under an awning. But here’s one story GNN especially liked, particularly because of the narration.

“I was inspired by reading all the lovely stories [on the message board] and so helped a couple of our neighbours this morning by lending them de-icer as their windscreens were frosted over and they were running late. I must have got carried away though as there was nothing left for my husband’s car and he’d just gone out and bought the new bottle of de-icer. Luckily he loves the neighbours so I’m sure I’ll be forgiven!”

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