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Adorable Preschool “Twins” Take a Stand Against Discrimination

While the differences between these 4-year-old girls may be obvious to some, they see only their similarities. In fact, Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland believe...

Twins Revel in 100th Birthday With Most Colorful Photoshoot Ever

These 100-year-old twin sisters are like fine wine – they are only getting better with age. Maria and Paula Pignaton just became centenarians together; so, they celebrated by...

Woman Births Twins as Surrogate for Sister Who Had 9 Miscarriages

Melissa Kayser was heartbroken when she was forced to realize that she couldn't give birth – but luckily, her compassionate older sister volunteered to be her...

Twins Accepted Into 56 Colleges With $1.6M in Scholarship Money–Just for Mom

These siblings are making sure their mother will never have to provide for their education ever again.

Four Sets Of Twins Stage Time Travel Prank on NYC Subway (WATCH)

Spooky stuff is going on on this NYC subway – would you give a panhandling time traveler any money?

There for Each Other: Premature Twins Can’t Stop Holding Tiny Hands

Born nearly three months early, this brother and sister are best friends already, reaching out for one another whenever they’re nearby. Mother Anthea Jackson-Rutherford caught the...

Early Mother’s Day Gift: Twins Born Holding Hands

Twin infants were born in Ohio holding hands. Sarah Thistlethwaite and her husband, Bill, learned half way through the pregnancy that, not only would they...

After 78 Years Twins Never Knew They Had a Sister (UPDATE w/ Video)

Imagine delving into your family history and discovering you have a twin. That's what happened to Ann Hunt, a 78-year-old, who had no idea...
Mother with twins Kenya-TVvideo

Kenyan Mom Names Twins Barack and Mitt After Giving Birth on Election Day

In the spirit of bipartisanship, a mother in Kenya named her twins after the two U.S. presidential candidates. Giving birth on election day, Millicent Awuor,...
Cooking in their Love Kitchen- NBC video

82-Year-old Twins Operate a Love Kitchen, Serving 2,000 Meals Each Week

Sisters in Knoxville, Tenn. began a service more than a quarter century ago catering to people with "the five H's", helping local residents who...

Five-year-old Saves Mom and Unborn Twins With 911 Call

A month ago, Jasmine Mayers got into trouble for calling 911. Today, the 5-year-old is a hero for doing just that. ...

Twins To Be Reunited This Week After 76 Years

For years, Fred Pilder wondered if the twin sister that his adoptive mother told him about still was alive and, if so, where...

Black and White Twins

Both Kylie and her partner Remi Horder, 17, are of mixed race. Their mothers are both white and their fathers are black. "It...

5th Graders Hear Senior Couple’s Story of Racial Injustice and Take Action 60 Years Later

These fifth graders were moved to tears by the Caldwells' story – which is why they then banded together to right the wrongs from 60 years ago.

After Porcupine is Rejected By His Mother, Wiener Dog Steps in to Be His Best Friend

This wiener dog and his best friend—a rescued baby porcupine—might be the cutest dynamic duo you will see on the internet this week. Zookeeper Estelle...

Good News in History, June 29

15 years ago today, Randy Johnson became the fourth pitcher in Major League Baseball history to reach 4,000 career strikeouts. In 2004, at the...

New Research Says That Being a ‘Dog Person’ and Enjoying Puppy Perks is in Our Genetic Makeup

People may be genetically predisposed to being a dog person – and that may mean that they enjoy a number of dog-related health benefits.

Stranger Donates 2 Wigs to Mom With Brain Cancer – and Saved the Quality of Her Life With a Bit of Advice

Thanks to man's compassion towards a stranger, Gail Moffatt had the courage to forego radiation and chemo, and live out her days enjoying Hawaii with family.

FDA Approves World’s First Device That Could Save Thousands of Preemies From Common Heart Condition

This is the world's first device that has been designed to save thousands of premature babies from a common heart problem.

US Woman Who ‘Hated Muslims’ Now Wants to Share the Love and Understanding She Found in an Afghan Refugee

This Christian woman from the US never thought that she would be in a relationship with a Muslim after September 11th – but things are different now.