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We all know seniors need to keep their minds and bodies active, but taking folks from an assisted living center to the local skateboard park seems a bit extreme.

It turns out Cody Kohlhagen knew what he was doing all along.

The Activities Director at Willowbrook Place headed out with his group of spunky seniors armed with lemonade and lawn chairs to partake in some inter-generational fun and schooling–with inspiration flowing back and forth– and wheels of all kinds.

The seniors in Littleton, Colorado handed out cool drinks, chatted and cheered while the youth showed off their stunts at Clement Park July 25.elderly playground screenshot PRI

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“The skate park is unique because it evokes sensations like, vitality, youthfulness, resilience, and eagerness,” Cody told Good News Network. “Every resident was stimulated socially, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.”

Whether they roller skated or skateboarded themselves back in the day, the seniors really pick up on the kids’ energy.

With twenty plus kids on the grounds that day, there was always someone dropping in, popping out, or just cruising around; the constant activity never lost the attention of the residents who live two miles away.

“Its good to get them out here to watch the young people and to interact with them,” said one pint-sized boarder in the KMGH-TV video below.senior-swimmer-smiles-420px-cc-sunstar

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A 96-year-old resident named John said he’s learned more about the sport in one day than he ever thought he would, and his friend Gary agreed that it was something totally different—and “awesome.”

“Most of my female residents were very nervous for the kids when they ‘bailed,’ but I assured them these kids fall down quite often,” Cody added.

Finding new things to do for the more than 50 residents at Willowbrook Place is a dream job for Cody. He reads to them regularly from Good News Network and says he has really found his calling and would gladly spend the rest of his life working there.

“I always say give the residents what they want, and also give them things they didn’t know they might enjoy–shake things up from time to time.”

Shake, rattle, and roll–at whatever age–on whatever wheels you’ve got.

(WATCH the video below) Photo: KMGH Video

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