Nursing Home Farm Animal Visit Rooster Edgars Mission Permission

A chance meeting with a worker at an elderly care facility eventually led to this amazing photo of a senior petting a rooster.

As part of Edgar’s Mission’s visitation program, lucky seniors living in Lancefield, VIC (Australia) receive twice-monthly visits from goats, sheep, roosters, and other barnyard residents, who are brought right to their front door.

The animal sanctuary’s Kindness Crusaders unleash the animals at nursing homes like the Dianella Aged Care Facility in Kilmore every two weeks.

“Every day I see how the sanctuary residents grow more confident when treated with kindness and I see how the elderly respond so positively to the animals,” said sanctuary Founder and Director Pam Ahern.

Nursing Home Farm Visit Feeding Edgars Mission permission

Animal interactions have always been beneficial for seniors; in addition to providing sensory pleasure, they can also reignite long-gone memories.poodles have been hailed as heroes before like this one

Poodle Knows Who is Sickest In Nursing Home Where She Runs Free (WATCH)


“Bringing together the elderly and farmed animals unites two of the most forgotten groups in society. Seeing both interact, it is clear that the benefits are mutual,” said Kyle Behrend, a volunteer at Edgar’s Mission.

It’s also pretty clear that these seniors aren’t afraid of getting a little dirty–here’s to enjoying a good old-fashioned roll in the hay.

Nursing Home Farm Visit Edgars Mission Permission Granted

Photos courtesy of Edgar’s Mission

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