The second Nala’s paws touch the floor, she’s off in search of those who need a visit.

The pup has free run of the Lyngblomsten care center in St. Paul, Minnesota, and makes her own schedule in terms of who she’ll see and when.

After a nursing home gave up the five-year-old poodle because she was “whiny,” Doug Dawson scooped her right up and brought her to Lyngblomstem. Here, she is literally considered to be a perfect little Angel, sent from above.

”I was like, where did this little bean come from? She’s here for a purpose,” Dawson, who dispenses medicine at the home, told KARE-TV. “She’ll pick out the person with Alzheimers. She has a way of picking the sick.”

If she needs to get to the second or third floor, someone will push the buttons for her, and off she goes, alone.

Nala may not be a trained therapy dog, but she knows when someone needs extra comfort.

24 hours before the video above was posted, she sought out and stayed with a woman who passed away later that day.

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