Hoffman and Goodwill Worker-Youtube

Linda Hoffman was simply trying to clean out her and her husband’s closets of old clothes – she had no idea that she was giving away a small fortunate in the process.

Her husband, Bob Hoffman, had been using one of his old shirts to hide his savings. Over the course of six years, he had squirreled away over $8,000 in the hopes of one day surprising Linda with a vacation to Italy.

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When the couple realized that Linda had accidentally donated the shirt to Goodwill two days later, they rushed to the nearest store in Placentia, California.

Employees spent all day looking for the lost shirt with no luck. The next day, however, Caitlin Mulvihill finally dug it out of one of the bins.

The Hoffman’s relief and gratitude for finding the lost shirt was unparalleled.

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