Skyscrapers can be impressive feats of architecture, but they often cast gloomy shadows in public spaces. Now, one of the greenest architecture firms in the United States has devised a way to make the darkness go away.

Inspired to rid London of its overshadowing problem, especially when 230 new towers are planned for London in the near future, NBBJ has created the world’s first algorithm to make a building lose it’s shadow.

The “No Shadow Tower” design calls for two high rise buildings working in conjunction to redirect sunlight and reduce shadows at their base. (Watch the animation below)

NBBJ’s mathematical algorithm traces the sun’s angles while the orb moves across the sky. Basically, the sunlight reflected by one tower fills in the shadow of the other, creating a 60% reduction in shade.

“These towers can be developed anywhere in the world: the algorithm can adapt the form to any site,” wrote NBBJ designer Christian Coop on Wednesday. “More importantly, No Shadow Towers would benefit their surrounding communities as much as the people who live and work in them.”

Residents in one town in Norway are basking in the winter sun where, historically, there had been only dim daylight. In a victory over the oppressive mountain shadows, the town installed a giant mirror on the mountaintop to send sunshine beaming into the town square below.

(WATCH the company video below)

Photo Credit: NBBJ Released Image

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