3 wheel 84mpg car released Elio MotorsYou may be seeing a lot of these three-wheeled, two-seat cars in the future because more than 50,000 people have already signed up to buy one when they roll off the assembly line late this year.

Priced at just $6,800, the American-made Elio is designed to save you money–not just when you purchase the vehicle, but at the gas pump, too.

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Because of its aerodynamic shape, the car can go 84 miles per gallon — about twice as far as the most fuel efficient subcompacts — but still has a 672-mile range on a tank of gas. Its fuel efficiency means the Elio has a smaller carbon footprint than any of its four-wheeled cousins.

Prototypes have been touring the car show circuit around the United States in the past few months, and Elio Motors has just launched a national advertising campaign with commercials running on major cable channels including ESPN and FOX News networks.

Paul Elio created the company in 2009 with a goal of building a safe, fuel-efficient, and inexpensive car right in America.Elio side view released Elio MotorsThe Elio gets twice the mileage of a standard compact through aerodynamics and by keeping its weight 50% lower than similar two-seat roadsters. At the same time, it comes equipped with power windows and steering, air conditioning, and multiple airbags.

The company is currently building a new series of prototypes for safety tests and to serve as models to tweak the final design.

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The car will be assembled at a plant in Shreveport, Louisiana, and 90% of its parts will be made in North America.

Elio Motors expects to employ 1,500 workers in its factory when it opens in the autumn and another 1,500 in corporate and sales positions once the three-wheelers start rolling off the assembly line. The company expects it will indirectly support 19,000 more jobs at companies supplying parts for the car.

(WATCH the video from Elio Motors below) — Photo: Elio Motors

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