Say it with a sock donation

For those living on the street, socks are important—and the number one most requested item of clothing—which is why this company is making it possible for thousands of homeless people to experience the restorative moment of cozy footwear after a fresh shower.

Say It With A Sock is a company started by a husband and wife team who wanted to create a “sock-of-the-month club” and send its members different colored socks every month. When they learned how desirable these would be for the homeless community, they pledged to donate over 15,000 pairs during the upcoming holiday season.

They partnered with the fabulous Lava Mae organization, which has transformed old buses into mobile shower units for the homeless in California. In fact, last week on “Giving Tuesday”, they donated 20% of all proceeds to this nonprofit.

Also in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, Good News Network readers who purchase one of the sock subscriptions, tailored to men, women or children, will get a free pair of socks as an added bonus. Just use the coupon code GNN at, until the end of the year—and be doubly happy that your purchase also supports the Lava Mae’s mission.

The 15,000 pairs of donated socks are durable, thick, and warm for people living on the streets during the winter months—and in a shade of gray that more easily hides dirt.

Founders Daniel Seeff and Lauren Jacks (pictured above) say it’s a win-win for holiday gift giving, with cute socks, a freebie pair for GNN fans, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped provide socks and showers for someone less fortunate in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Remember to enter the GNN coupon code at checkout and you will get an extra pair of socks in the first month.

(WATCH the video below)

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